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Exam Process

As the final hurdle before your accreditation, the exam process can seem like an overwhelming task. But at Abzi Academy, we believe that with the right education and preparation, anyone can achieve their goal of becoming a medical professional.

Let us help you hone your study skills and prepare you for the big day.

Abzi Academy is a top-rated medical licensing and international medical graduates (IMG) test prep center, with expert tutors and top-quality course materials to help you succeed. Our mission is to empower individuals from all backgrounds to achieve their goals and make a difference in the world. With us, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish.

Road to Licensure

Every journey begins with a jump-off point. Enter our center as a reviewing student and work your way up to a fully-licensed practitioner with help from our experienced instructors.

Preparing with AB-Z

Take the tools you earned through years of school and practice in the healthcare sector to the next level. Our commitment to you is our unparalleled support, personalized coaching, and tailored materials to help you achieve success.

At Abzi Academy, we encourage you to aspire to be better, broaden your knowledge, and have the zeal to ace your exams!


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